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Welcome to
The Shape Ranch

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Raised With Respect

For thousands of years, the bison has provided for the indigenous people of North America. At the Shape Ranch we honor this tradition by allowing our bison to be free-ranging,independent, and from the day they are born, to live with
minimal interference.


Animal Welfare

Grass Fed

Our Offerings


Free Range

Thunderheart Bison

By not weaning the calves, we allow for the natural establishment of extended family groups and the formation of their inherent matriarchal society. This husbandry practice lends security to the herd and is essential to the social wellbeing of the bison. With this guiding principle, we raise bison whose health and powerful immune systems are legendary. By grazing on native grasses and never being confined to a feedlot, our bison utilize what nature intended for them. Hooded windmill, little bluestem, and curly mesquite are just some of the native grass species that blanket our pastures.


Native Nectar

Wild Texas Guajillo Honey

Delicate blossoms burst forth in the rugged Texas brush country with a pure, golden and exquisitely flavored nectar. Harvested at the height of season and with cold centrifuge extraction, Native Nectar retains its natural, healthful qualities and distinctive taste. Enjoy nature's gift of Native Nectar.


Deer and Quail Hunting

The ranch has a long history of hunting. Over the years numerous trophy bucks have been taken. We lease for deer and quail every winter between November and February. 

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